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About us

About us

The engine of the project - Saulius Vanagas - a man who is known for his advertising market in a different way of thinking, commitment, desire to be distinguished from the crowd, the desire to help our customers to be different, to be exceptional, better. Companies Saulius worked with: a creative agency with large and well-known trademarks of Lithuania, one of the biggest computer technology companies in Lithuania, a digital marketing agency. During several years implemented a number of projects offered to thousands of decision-grown sales and turnover, stopped the influence of the crisis, successfully lived changes in the leadership phase, implementation of new projects and services produced dozens of strong sales managers, won numerous awards. Yes, during the last 15 years Saulius Vanagas took part in various assignments, counseling, change management. And finally came the time when appeared the Space. More about Saulius‘ work experience and achievements you can find here.

The Space brings together all those who want to work for customers who do not work "almost", which works to allow customers to meet their decisions in terms of work, consultations.

The team consists of other professionals too - designers, advertising managers, SEO specialists, programmers. Each of them - it's a fraction of a team - a fraction of the space.

If you still do not know us - it's time to get acquainted. We are sure that our solutions, approach to work, the dedication to what we do, allows to be different. It makes it stand out from the crowd. Lets do it better, faster, more efficiently.

Our team

Saulius Vanagas
CEO, digital expert
Sigita Valavičiūtė
Sales & projects expert