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8 SEO trends to which you should pay attention in 2017


The new year causes speculations and new SEO trends. Some search engine optimization criteria has not changed and will not change over the years, but there are always new additional criteria and trends to which you want or not, must pay attention to be high in Google results list.

So, you should raise the question - what are the new trends in this year's SEO? Here are eight of them, which we introduce.

  1. HTTPS is now not only possible choice HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) supports secure exchange of data between your computer and your web page. Currently, users are much more receptive to the Internet and increasingly wish to safely navigate websites. HTTP to HTTPS convertion costs are very minimal and despite the increased security, Google announced it as one of the important ranking criteria.
  2. The broader text content continues to result in better search results The higher the content, which can be identified more than 2,000 words, sites that appear in order to achieve better indexing results. It has become a tradition for several years, and more and more become an important indicator for SEO.
  3. Social media will become even more traffic transmission goldmine Think about how much action and engagement takes place every day social media channels. It is already possible to find information about products and services that consumers are increasingly diverted to social media channels when they need help and trademarks are actively communicated through a variety of platforms - this is a very important source of high-quality transmission (referral) traffic.
  4. Voice Search will continue to grow Google Home and Echo by Amazon allows users to search for them what they want, using less than a finger. You can get answers to virtually any question and this service has the further growth and development trend. Already, users can call Uber or order a pizza from a pizzeria, so it is a very good opportunity for local businesses to grow and be increasingly found.

  5. Google will love more and more websites, tailored for sophisticated devices (mobile / tablets ) It is no secret that Google has for some time become a fan of the mobile sites. Website boots much faster, the user finds the information easier and more convenient. So, it seems that both the 2017 year is very important to continue to improve their site's mobile version.
  6. User Experience will give you the benefits of a web page There are several benefits criteria, ensuring user-friendly site for the holding, which affects SEO. With user-friendly site, they spend it more time, more involved in the content, which decreases your website bounce rate. This increases the time spent on the site and the likelihood of conversion.
  7. The mobile-first strategy is a necessity With so much traffic more and more collected from mobile devices is becoming increasingly important to first think about "mobile" consumer, guiding the development of site design. Mobile traffic will grow more and more (although there will always be a niche, which will not see him as much as you will expect on the specific business). 8.Links will continue to be an important criterion Relevance of links do not disappear - they remain one of the main ranking criteria. It is also useful to create content that is shared by other users. Infographics and case studies will have more weight than a simple blog entry.

Jan 20, 2017