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Image creation



The image is probably the most expensive company investment, which is very difficult to measure. However, a strong company or brand image - is the path to long-term success of the large sales team job satisfaction, etc. Image creation - a long-term factor, which takes the whole of life period. However, in order to create a highly successful image, it is important to targeted marketing communication plans, visual communication with customers, partners, internal communication and so on.

The image can be divided into corporate and brand image.

  • corporate image - this image of the company and all that is related to the company's micro and macro environment, starting with the staff and ending external communication, customer satisfaction;
  • Brand image - it's a particular brand communication effects on the market.

To create a successful corporate or brand image - is not enough a few steps or a few months. Image creation make use of long-term image-building strategy, analyzing the current market situation, the desired situation and goals, and then proposed solutions of image creation or improvement. This is often several-year action plan including the detailed tactical actions, allowing the creation of an image and achieve the required results.

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