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Internet advertising


Internet Advertising

There are dozens of ways to introduce the company and attract new customers online. Some of the most popular - is advertising on Google search network, Google Partner Network (GDN), Youtube, Facebook, Instagram. Of course, there are a lot of Lithuanian websites such as delfi,, Autoplius and so on. And where are the various other solutions: sending newsletters, video advertising, forums, blogs, links. When all this smart combination we make a whole - we get great advertising opportunities. But do you really know how to maximize the use of online advertising opportunities and to achieve the required benefits?

Advertising on the Internet - is a complex digital marketing planning, which, subject to certain rules and regulations may increase the company's visibility, to create an image or simply grown in sales.

Online advertising, as well as any other type of advertising, there are a number of standard rules, which this advertising does not give significant benefits. The first rule - clear objectives, which are for communication. Online advertising, it will be difficult to measure and understand its operation, if there is no goals, or they will are superficial. Second - the target audience. In order to achieve the maximum benefits of online advertising assistance, it is necessary to know your target audience. Third - the expected spread of advertising budget. Fourth - the period during which the objectives are achieved. Etc. Knowing these milestones can begin to lay out the online communication strategy.

Again, it is important to know that the Internet users behave differently than users of other media channels. Important online advertising rules are clear, simple, engaging.

Advertising on the Internet is mainly divided into:

  • Search engine advertising: advertising on Google, Yandex advertising, advertising Yahoo, etc. This advertising has not yet divided into Adwords and SEO.
  • Advertising in social networks: Facebook advertising, advertising Linkedin, Instagram advertising, etc.;
  • Video: Youtube advertising, news portals and websites, etc.;
  • Newsletter sending;
  • Advertise sectional websites: eg. news websites, car websites and so on. Such advertising can be achieved through the Google GDN advertising media or by other, alternative forms of advertising (depending on the target audiences, opportunities and so on.).

In each case, first we identify the customer's expectations and only then offer solutions suitable for communication. Internet advertising solutions are numerous: from the simplest advertising on Google, to the video or for sending newsletters, games organization and outreach advertising solutions.

We are confident that our experience in online advertising in the planning and implementation will allow you to achieve the best results. Contact us now and we will help you to achieve maximum goals.