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GDN, Youtube advertising, Gmail



GDN, Youtube, Gmail channels - it's advertising opportunities, allowing the formation of the image, increase awareness and promote sales. In each case, the advertising channels are selected according to specific communication strategy, providing guidelines and objectives. Often these channels are suitable for business to business communication objectives or where exist smaller budget. Online advertising is a perfect mix of TV advertising when trying to reach the mass consumer.

GDN - Google Display Network. It is an advertising method that allows you to reach millions of Internet users around the world and Lithuania. GND-based Google has signed a partnership with the majority of web sites around the world, and so advertising can be broadcasted by various criteria. There are principles of advertising, which allows you to pay for clicks or impressions. Advertise per-click (CPC principle) gives the size of the target audiences and users pay only for those visitors who clicked on the ad and entered the customer's site. GDN advertising method of visual solutions allow formation of the image, increase awareness or simply to promote sales.

Youtube advertising - supports a number of different ad formats. This is a video advertising, visual (banners) advertising and text advertising. Youtube video advertising is billed for video playback, so it is highly targeted. Youtube Video advertising can be segmented according to specific keywords, different sections of the audience and be shown for a very targeted audience groups. Youtube visual (banners) advertising classified advertising GDN species. In other words, through the GDN the display advertising access Youtube Network.

Gmail advertising also has a few different options. First of all, it's advertising e-mails (special offer). In addition, Gmail can be used to show and display the GDN network or just text ads, depending on demand.

Each client is unique, and so the solutions are often chosen not standard, and most consistent with the client's situation. In each case, we select the best and most appropriate solutions for clients. Contact us and we will offer advertising solutions, that will enable you to increase sales or business reputation.