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Google advertising



Google advertising - is advertising on the Google search network, Google's partner network, youtube advertising, Google My Business (G plus) development and other Google advertising solutions. Google search advertising network is divided into two methods: Google Adwords and SEO.

  • Google Adwords - is redeemed 4 position at the top, and up to 3 positions below. Google AdWords ads are typically charged for clicks. Google Adwords advertising cost per click is determined by two criteria: keyword advertising quality score and auction price paid per click. Of course, the final price paid by the customer for advertising and includes margins or fee that takes advertising agency for supervision. It is very important, as the agency is working with your advertising accounts. If your quality score by keywords that are used are high - even if you pay a higher premium in the final result, you pay less than if your quality scores are lower. Quality Score can range from 1 to 10.
  • SEO - is a Google search results by Google's search engine provides in terms of how your site matches your query requirements and is optimized for organic search. SEO content is unchanging positions - 10. In order to achieve high performance, it is important to be at the first Google results page. Ideally, of course, need to be TOP5, TOP3 or even TOP1. The higher position is to be achieved, the more effort and investment required to invest in advertising.
  • Advertising on Google's partner network (GDN) - it is a visual (mostly) advertising through various sites in Lithuania and abroad. The list of partners is very huge, and, thanks to him, you can reach a huge audience and knowing that paid for clicks, not impressions - advertising is certainly effective.
  • Youtube advertising - it's a video, text, visual advertising. Video advertising is charged for impressions, textual and visual clicks. Video advertising is a very effective way of advertising that allows you to reach your target audience.
  • Google My Business is necessary to have the sole purpose of the website interface with it are treated in the same Google and on the side, on the right side of the Google organic search can see detailed information about the company, its working time, recommendations, comments, and other criteria relevant to your potential customers.

In each case, we choose the most appropriate means of advertising your business. So do not hesitate, contact us and we will offer the best Google advertising solutions that will allow you to increase your company's reputation, get new orders and will create your company image.