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Google adwords advertising


Google AdWords advertising

Google Adwords advertising - is one of the most effective forms of online advertising both in Lithuania and abroad. First of all, it is worth noting that this advertising (as well as advertising in other search engines), is distinguished by the fact that consumers can see it when searching for a particular product, service or company. In other words, accessible to those users who has need to buy. Therefore, these advertising efficiency and conversion rates are usually highest compared to all other advertising media and methods.

Second - Google Adwords advertising benefits and returns are easy to measure and can be used not only for traffic coming, but also to measure specific targets or even sales. It is important to know the basic criteria on which appears the Google Adwords advertising. Basically there are two criteria:

  • Google Adwords ads for each keyword's Quality Score. It is worth noting that Google Adwords quality score can vary from 1 to 10;
  • Auction by the amount paid for Google Adwords ad for a particular keyword presence in the results list.

The higher the Quality Score, the more likely you pay less for advertising, since the final amount you pay for advertising consist of: Quality Score and auction product of the amount paid. In other words, if your competitor, who will use the same keyword and its Quality Score is 6, and yours 9, he will pay more per click than you, if you want to be identical to the Google search engine results position.

Quality Score is determined by a number of criteria: directional text page, the correct description of the advertising message, advertising headline, web extensions, extensions, and other links. Google Adwords ads can be displayed:

  • Up to 4 positions at the top;
  • Up to 3 positions below.

In the middle of 10 positions are the organic search positions (in other words SEO). We provide these Google advertising services:

  • Google Adwords advertising campaigns, strategic and tactical actions;
  • Google Adwords advertising campaigns supervision;
  • Google Adwords campaigns audit;
  • Google Adwords campaigns consultation.

We have extensive experience in the field of digital marketing and work with Google and its advertising opportunities. Contact us and we are confident that we will offer you solutions that will increase your company's sales, awareness and image.