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SEO - is a web site search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimisation). It is no secret that in Lithuania more than 90% of all online searches performed on Google search engine. So if you have a site for Lithuanian market, you can forget all the other alternative search methods and to set goals to be in accordance with the relevant keywords namely Google organic search.

Seo is quite a complicated process, most of which are "prohibitive nut. Many who work with SEO advertising does not make its quality, so customers are not satisfied and do not receive the benefit of the pursued.

First of all it is necessary to know that SEO is divided into an internal SEO, external SEO, content SEO.

  • Built-in (internat) SEO - the whole technical part of the basic requirements, which are necessary to maintain the quality service quickly and faultlessly. For internal SEO include such items as: Title, Meta description, H tags, site loading speed, content duplicates, photos Alt text, gzip compression site, mobile version of the site, as well as many other items.
  • External Seo Links – links that you get from other websites through the various steps. It is not the quantity of links and their quality. Therefore, it is necessary to know how much, when, how, from what web sites to collect links so that they generate the maximum benefits and high-quality carpet Google.
  • Content SEO can be both internal and external. However, it is important to high-quality inner content for SEO. If the inner contents of the SEO done properly, it facilitates the work of bringing the customer site on Google's organic search in the first few pages. In order to perform high-quality content for SEO, it is necessary to know which keywords are important to you and write all of the content targeting exactly those words. To create even a special tool allowing to check whether the content really optimized in accordance with the relevant keywords.

Often, clients or even advertising agencies do not know, can not perform, do not perform all the necessary criteria to optimize the site for SEO or SEO advertising sense. Then the site is much more difficult to find in Google. It is important to evaluate the competitiveness of the keyword. A certain number of keywords - very competitive, so their removal in the organic Google search takes several times longer than the average, or a little competitive. Competitiveness is essential to evaluate before beginning to work in order to make it clear what strategy to use and what results to expect. It is very important to follow the results of the change at least several times a week, and if you notice negative changes to take steps to minimize them. One should not forget that it is sometimes used for "Black SEO", thanks to which the results can be achieved several times faster than normal, but Google can block your site just that it would not be found or are found in extremely low on Google. The same can happen even with too many SEO optimized sites. So do not overdo it in the SEO SEO advertising practices, because the consequences of following a wrong SEO is extremely painful and long-term.

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