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Advertising on Social Networks

Advertising on social networks - is the advertising on,,, and other similar websites.

Advertising on social networks primarily is distinguished by the fact that every in social network you can create a separate specific company, product or service page and work with it, raising awareness, collecting the target audiences, and so on.

Lithuania can distinguish two main social networks: Facebook and Linkedin. And several smaller: Instagram, Twitter and GOOGLEPLUS.

Facebook - the biggest social network in the world with extremely high availability and promotional opportunities. Lithuania has more than 1 million Facebook users, which can be segmented by age, gender, hobbies or even date of birth.

Facebook allows the possibility to create a special page on the Facebook page for fans to collect. Also, Facebook has a lot of different games integrations, which can be used to reach a certain audience. Facebook allows significantly grown sales (particularly if the products you are selling, is directed to the feminine gender).

We provide these services for Facebook:

  • Page creation and maintenance;
  • Gaming shares / organization attractions;
  • Fan Collection;
  • Standard (Facebook ads, Post Boost) advertising;
  • Non-standard solutions (games, quiz integration).

In each case, we select possible targeted proposals to prepare a plan of communication on Facebook. It is worth noting that Facebook is more effective in working with individuals. In order to achieve the companies, it is much more advantageous to use Linkedin opportunities. Like Facebook, in Linkedin you can create a specific page, link it to your existing web page, writing articles, posting information. Linkedin advertising main advantage is that it is employed, there can be advertising display even under the specific names of the companies or through a range of positions held. Linkedin and Facebook as advertising display both locally (Lithuania) as well as globally. Linkedin is more effective advertising display when it is addressed is global and business-to- business segment.

We provide these Linkedin advertising services:

  • Page creation and maintenance;
  • Text and information origination, hosting;
  • Fan Collection;
  • Standard Linkedin advertising.

As for the other social networking advertising opportunities, it is necessary to mention Instagram, which allows access to consumers around the world namely visual and integrated advertising support. It is recommended to have more "followers" and sometimes display advertising through other profiles that have more followers than your profile. Again, Instagram advertising - it's more for a luxury, fashion, clothes, cosmetics, travel advertising. In other words, mostly luxury items targeted to affluent consumers, which can be achieved through an exclusive video presentation.

We recommend that you create and GOOGLEPLUS profile, even if he does not obtain a lot of followers, the mere integration with your site, you can add extra karma points Google search ranking case (if you important SEO, i be as high as the search engine).

Not sure of the solutions you the most suitable? Are you looking for who can advise whether a full communication and dissemination of care? Contact us and we will offer solutions that will increase your sales, visibility and image. We are sure - be satisfied with our solutions.