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Marketing strategy



Marketing strategy - this is responsible work, which arrives and is purified for company or specific product / service line presence in the market. The marketing strategy includes the following key components:

  • The product;
  • Pricing;
  • Marketing Communications;
  • Location (displaying);
  • Distribution and sales channels;
  • People (team working with the product);
  • The competitive environment and opportunities.

The detailed result of these analyzes and proposals for creating a marketing strategy based on working with a particular promotion of the brand in the market.

The marketing strategy is being developed for several months, made in various meetings with company representatives, elected for third-party data. Before developing a marketing strategy clear objectives are set and then used to prepare a marketing strategy.

It is very important for all of the above listed elements of marketing, as somebody elements on too little attention or following incorrect insights - very difficult to correct later communication product on the market and carry out its objectives. All the more, knowing that the market is dynamic and things are changing very quickly, to develop a marketing strategy must also have some alternative insights / trends / calculations. In other words, it requires not only a plan, but, if possible, and Plan B, and Plan C. Only then can expect high performance. The marketing strategy is usually developed over a minimum period of years, but it is recommended to provide guidelines for at least three years in advance, on a quarterly basis (half a year) depending on the competitive market situation, it was updated, and the emergence of new elements, in addition to adjusting.

We have more than 10 years of experience in developing and implementing marketing strategies for both the business-to-business and private (business to consumer) segment of products for the creation, development, and the long course of care. Work experience in both the global and the Lithuanian brands.