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Media planning


MEDIA (advertising) PLANNING

As is known, there is a huge range of channels and a variety of advertising methods. There is also the target audience, reach, branding, sales promotion, TV, radio, online advertising, print advertising, trolleybuses, guerrilla advertising, flyers and many other alternative means to reach potential customers. However, do they all work? Do they all are paying off in each case? Of course not. It is very important to know your target audience, media channels in their price, the required frequency of advertising and the potential benefits. Even knowing all of this, sometimes advertising can not bring the required results, because there is still a competitive environment. If competitors at the same time launch advertising campaigns that are better designed and have attractive offers, of course, will not achieve what you have planned, but at least you will not lose some market share in existing or sales. In each case, it is very important to count, measure, monitor and analyze. Media planning allows a targeted investment in advertising and measures to achieve certain objectives raised by advertising.

For media planning is done properly and efficiently, it is important to know the product / service, its objectives, target audience, the period during which the objectives are to be achieved, to provide a competitive environment and, of course, have a creative non-standard solutions and attractive offers, which will be communicated media support. Ideally, when the choice is, use not one media channel, and have a full media mix. You can then reach the targeted audience faster and more efficiently. Of course, come in and exceptions. It is very important that the product is designed for businesses or individuals. If the media communication plan is being prepared for business - then there is much more restrictive and to reach the target audience remain only a few media tools, it is therefore essential to plan the details of the entire promotional campaign. Of course, it is equally important to plan targeted advertising campaign, and if it is intended for individuals, but in this case opens up a much broader cross-channel options.

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