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Other advertising



Often, in order to reach the desired audience, increase sales, reputation or image is not enough of one or another advertising channel. Usually in such cases it is full of media plans and full of a mix media, which enables achievement of the required audience and fulfill the objective. What are the possible forms of advertising? As you know, there are many, and all of them recorded and listed simply impossible. Typically, given a particular client's situation and market demand are offered the most appropriate forms of advertising.

The advertising can be divided into:

  • Online advertising;
  • Other digital advertising;
  • Television advertising;
  • Cinema advertising;
  • Radio advertising;
  • Press advertising;
  • Advertising in shopping centers;
  • Outdoor advertising;
  • Advertising on trolley;
  • Direct mailing;
  • Direct emailing;
  • Push advertising;
  • Guerrilla advertising;
  • Exhibitions;
  • Flyers, brochures;
  • Product / service free trials;
  • Etc.

Most companies use only a very small portion of all possible ways and means of advertising. Quite a few companies doing it not because that would not want to, but because that just do not realize one or another advertising channel gain, or do not have time to delve into a variety of options that can increase sales, image or reputation. In some cases, some forms of advertising is useless, or the amount spent on advertising buys back investment. It is therefore very important to purposefully plan and know when, what and how well worth the investment or not.

Since we have extensive experience in marketing, advertising planning the implementation of both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer areas - have no doubt that we can help you achieve your objectives pursued: to say targeted communication strategy and advertising channel selection, and enforcement thanks to achieve the required performance or exceed them. Contact us and we are sure to be satisfied with our work, consultation and results.