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Product introduction


Product introduction

The product introduction to the market - is extremely complex and requires a lot of preparation. You can have a very good product, but wrong chosen product launch strategy can do anything about this. You can have a not very attractive or average product, but a fair and systematic product launch strategy can ensure a long product life cycle, big sales, and attractive profit margins. There are various examples of how the wrong choice of market entry strategy had ruined huge potential products. Also on the market are examples and counter-examples. Thus, the introduction of the product on the market is very responsible and important factor that essentially determines the success of the product and life expectancy.

In order to successfully carry out the introduction of the product on the market, it is necessary to perform the following steps:

  • Make the necessary market studies;
  • Identify niches where there is market potential;
  • Identify key competitors, conduct competitive analysis of the market;
  • Formulate the product pricing;
  • Provide long-term and short-term goals;
  • Perform product sales planning;
  • Provide and evaluate marketing elements: price, location, people, advertising, publicity, etc.
  • Establish communication budgets required for product introduction;
  • Perform product introduction to the market of communication strategic planning;
  • Provide tactical actions;
  • Perform continued product sales;
  • Ensure product launch strategy and oversight of the appointment of the persons responsible product introduction to the market assurance.

Here are briefly presented product introduction to the market guidelines. In each case, the analysis and presentation of product introduction into the market of detailed plans and the findings made much more diverse market analyzes, calculations, facts. All the named component product introduction to the market shares are very important and will make some places incorrect calculations or without ensuring product introduction to the market communication strategy - the probability of a successful start in the market is difficult.

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