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The space idea


The Space Idea

The Space - perhaps the greatest legacy of someone else created. Christ and Santa Claus - one of the oldest brands in the world. Bible - one of the greatest brand books. Sometimes have to go centuries or even millennia, the human race to understand marketing, communication, advertising power. Although this minute we have not created space or trademarks communication which deserve it, we are approaching these aspirations towards. Advance in days, hours, minutes, seconds. We are professionals in their field, workaholic, capable to live in the office, on holiday to develop creative processes and each time the simulation of how to achieve better than before. Teams that have come together under this brand experience, aspirations and expectations are huge.

Do not be surprised if sometimes our decisions will be unusual, different, shocking. Do not be angry if we criticize, discuss, or claim will be offered. We create to your expectations are exceeded. Let us not forget that if Henry Ford would ask people before the creation of the car, all of them would have answered that just want a faster horse... Let us work together and we will help you create a lot more magnificent than Space. Or at least close to it.

Our values: responsibility, dedication to work, liabilities exceeded, creativity, teamwork.

Mission: promote and make exceptional not only on earth but in space our clients' brands, goods and services.

Vision: to become the best known, the most reliable and the most valuable agency in the galaxy.